Website Analytics



Track Your website statistics and performance.

Real Time Data Updates

Watch real time flow of visits to your website. Get a detailed view of your visitors, pages they have visited and goals they have triggered.

Customizable Dashboard

Create new dashboards with widget configuration fit to your needs.

Visitors Log

Livesquare Analytics creates a new profile for every visitor and adds the entire website experience of the visitor to the profile.

Event Tracking

Measure any interaction by users on your websites and apps.

Content Tracking

Measure impressions and clicks and CTR for image banners, text banners and any element on your pages.


Locate your visitors for accurate detection of Country, Region, City, Organization. View the visitors statistics on a World Map by Country, Region, City. View your latest visitors in real time.

Pages Transitions

View what visitors did before, and after viewing specific page.

Page Overlay

Display statistics directly on top of your website with our smart overlay.

Site speed & pages speed reports

Keeps track of how fast your website delivers content to your visitors.

Track different user interactions

Automatic tracking of file downloads, clicks on external website links, optional tracking of 404 pages

Track traffic from search engines

More than 800 different search engines tracked!

Scheduled email reports

Embed reports in your app or website (40+ Widgets available) or embed PNG Graphs in any custom page, email, or app.(PDF and HTML reports)


Create text notes in your graphs, to remember about particular events.

Website Monitoring Services

Livesquare monitor runs a check every 5 minutes and reports the website performance.This is a must have to make sure your server is in good health, when you are running online/offline marketing campaigns.

In case the website server is down or responding slowly, an email notification is sent to the configured Email Id instantly.

Track Website Uptime & Latency

Our monitor records your website performance and represents it in form of charts and graphs. You can easily track your website performance over a period of time.