Livesquare Uptime Monitoring

Monitor Your Applications With Livesquare Probes

Easy To Setup Website Performance Monitor

Easy To Setup 24/7 Website Monitoring

Whether you write a blog, run a small online business or are a large organisation you deserve not only a good and reliable website monitoring service, but one crammed with features. Advanced features need not come with a royal price-tag. Unlike our competitors we offer more uptime monitoring features for free!

Track unlimited websites and check performance every 5 minutes

Unlimited Websites – Check Every 5 Minutes

Setup An Alert For All Your Websites & Setup A Frequency & You Are All Set . Use Custom PHP scripts to monitor your Database & Other Critical Applications.

We will send automated emails 24/7 if your website is responding slowly or not at all.

Downtime Instant Email Alerts

Setup Email Alerts for cases when you want to be alerted.You can setup an alert if your website is responding slowly and get notified instantly so your visitors don’t have to suffer.

Intelligent AI Chatbots

Monitor Performance & Up-time of your website and get Email Alerts in case of any issues with the website.
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Lead Generation Popups

O'Bounce Popups gain attention of visitors at different events in their website exploration and engage with them.
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24/7 Live Chat Support Agents

Our agents assist the visitors with the requested details and help with Brand Building and Lead Generation.
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Live Website Analytics

Countless Widgets containing Vital statistics for of your website visitors.To know more click the button.
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